My new passion- Pilates

On a bright sunny day after waking up, instantly i decided that i should hit the gym, take care of my health. I lost myself , i became machine with a vicious cycle home, work, home . I am just 30. No partying, no entertainment. In spite everything going great at work and home, fame & love – i felt incomplete, something stuck in my throat. Then this phrases flashed in my mind “variety is spice of life” be kind to yourself , dont die when you are still living. So i decided to make way and time for me . First step is activate you are body, let me hit the gym. Then i have decided myself not to go for routine machine workout , let me focus on  Pilates – its a  instant recharge for body , mind and soul. It rejuvenated my body and mind. though i skip the class few days now & then, i do it at my home. My kid also accompanies me & its more fun. Its not about work out, its all about giving time to yourself. Respect yourself . As always said ‘Health is wealth’. Not just the Physical health , mental health is more significant and that what controls all your senses. Blink your eyes , turn around, appreciate small things, activities. Dont let anger shadow your beautiful face unless your spouse is eloped with someone, or your house is on fire, or your family members fell sick. Until then  keep moving your body, keep smiling, Good day!!!! 🙂 (:




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