Travel with kids out of your country

Hi!! folks. The right time to plan a vacation is Now**.  What is the right age to take your baby/toddler along with you for a family vacation?

Here is my experience –

There is no certain thing as right age, its just when the parents are ready & primed mentally & physically to handle their needs and tantrums.

For the parents– First make a promise to each other- what come may , you guyz are gonna handle it with a very chilled mind, just inhale deeply and exhale.

-Limit your personal luggage only to check-in. Try not to add you baggage in cabin luggage. Carry a back pack or two way bag so you can share the weight on your shoulders equally and you will not feel the extra weight. Take instant mix baby powders for baby food , formula powder. u you use zip lock small pouches to pack to save the space in your bag. Big bag diapers, pack them loose, don’t  stuff the whole pack. Dont forget your sunglasses and hat.

For mom: If your baby is on breastfed , prefer wearing a shirt and carry a scarf. for the baby or kid give additional hood sweater.

Daddy: just follow moms orders

BABY BAG: Make sure not to lose it anywhere and always carry it with you. The most precious thing in your journey.

Contents of the bag: Diapers (small pack), wet wipes (pocket pack), diaper disposable covers, 1 medium size spread sheet to use on the diaper changing tray, 3 feeding bottles(if its overseas travel), baby finger foods, i pad if your toddler or kid likes it and story books

Utilize in flight amenities- Baby foods- heinz pulps,  take the air hostess help to get the baby formula ready or to sterilize your feeding bottles. Use wet towels and tissues to wipes baby face or mouth.

Do not pack : Extra diapers, baby food – buy them in the local supermarkets. Strollers – try to rent at the the city you visit instead carrying the all the way through.

Location and stay: if you plan to reside in hotel, u will have a hassle free vacation as they have all time kitchen and house keeping. Try to prefer low budget hotels than service apartments.

If you dont have an option & to choose only service apartments – make sure to grab cartons of milk, bread and jam, cookies, flavored milk before you go back to your room daily.

Always carry your baby bag on your day tours with 3-4 diapers, pocket wet-wipe pack, fill the feeding bottles with formula and prepare it with warm water wherever u require. Take additional formula in small zip-lock cover if you expect a long day tour. Carry a Hand sanitizer. if you can accommodate take a bottle washer liquid in tiny bottle. If you cant avail warm water at site seeing , pack a flask with warm water.



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